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We are excited to invite you to create your free 6 month listing on With over 4,500 website hits last month and dozens of requests to book venues we are steadily increasing traffic through all channels and have been since our launch to brides in April. We want to give you the opportunity to benefit from our growth by listing your business on UtahWeds for free.

As a brand new site, providing free listings allows us to build our vendor base and become as useful to brides as possible and, in return, you get free advertising to increase your business and test us out. We attract brides by creating complete transparency in planning a wedding through vendor availability calendars, pricing, filters, photos, features and more.

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In addition to calendaring and availability features, we also provide brides access to pricing, capacity, and many other filters to allow them to effortlessly find their perfect match.

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By catering to brides, our site is the top choice of brides planning their weddings.  This is great news for you, our vendors.  Increased traffic to our site generates more visibility for you as a vendor and translates into targeted leads and increased bookings.

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