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Who We Are

We are a team of Utah professionals with experience in marketings, business, web design, and most importantly - WEDDINGS!

How UtahWeds was Born

UtahWeds started as a problem that needed to be solved. In helping friends and family plan weddings over the years, we saw a recurring problem - there wasn't a good place to find wedding vendor availability and information online. Now we have solved that problem be providing brides with vendor photos, features, pricing, and availability. So check it out and let us know what you think!

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All vendor pages include a description, features, gallery, and map.  The calendaring feature is a premium feature for those vendors where a calendar is applicable, including venues and photographers.  Those vendors that match the users date selection will appear first in search results.
Featured vendors will be shown on the UtahWeds.com homepage main slider. There is also the option of a blog featured vendor to be shown on the UtahWeds.com Blog sidebar. Our goal in creating this site is to get brides to their desired vendors.  In doing so, we do not have any featured vendors on the search results pages to ensure the vendors that best match the filters are the first to show up.  If you would like to become a featured vendor please contact us at admin@utahweds.com.
When brides and grooms are planning their wedding they usually fall into two categories.  One, they have a date decided on and are looking for vendors for that specific day. Or two, they know where they want to have their wedding and are willing to move their wedding date in order to have their reception where they want it.  Calendaring takes care of both of these. A couple can search based on their date and get a list of all of the vendors available on their day.  This saves vendors time by eliminating unneeded phone calls from brides who have already set a date.  When a couple is looking for a specific venue they are able to look through the calendar and find the date that they want.  This allows users to see unbooked days and allows vendors to take advantage of this resulting in increased bookings.
Vendors can cancel their plan at any point and the plan will finish out the current month. Plans renew five days before the end of the month.  If a plan is cancelled during the last five days of the month the vendor will be charged and will finish out the proceeding month. The remaining balance if any will be prorated at the appropriate rate based on the completed contract duration.