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Italian Ice Catering | Zeppe’s Italian Ice

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Zeppe’s Italian Ice

Brides and Grooms we are excited to throw another amazing dessert catering option your way – Zeppe’s Italian Ice! Based out of St. George but willing to travel, these Italian Ice experts bring a beautiful display of color and flavor to your wedding day.

The most popular thing for weddings is Zeppe’s gelata! The gelata is when you pair Zeppe’s Italian ice with their frozen custard. It’s the perfect balance of light and refreshing with just the right amount of creamy richness that you get from the custard.

Here are some of our favorite things about Zeppe’s Italian Ice Catering.

  1. Taste Parties – Zeppe’s will treat you to a complimentary tasting session will all of their incredible flavors. Zeppe’s affectionately calls their tastings “sampling parties” and it is usually the bride, groom and a couple friends or their parents. They will schedule a time with me and we will sit down to discuss their budget, their colors and any theme they might have. Of course the most fun part is that they get to sample every Italian ice flavor!
  2. Pricing starts at $2 per person – Zeppe’s pricing ranges from $2-$5 per person. It will vary depending on the number of guests and if they want the ice and custard together, or just the ice.
  3. Class and Flair – For weddings Zeppe’s employees wear nicer uniforms than we do at our shop consisting of black skirts or dress pants and embroidered button-down dress shirts.  We also use cute clear bowls with adorable tiny silver spoons that all the guests love.
  4. Flavor Amazing – Zeppe’s Italian Ice Sunset Splash is a blend of strawberry, orange and mango purees which is a very popular choice. Our Strawberry Paradise is a strawberry pina colada which is delicious and also a beautiful pink color that brides love. When choosing your flavors Zeppe’s owner Marlee Gubler recommends offering your guests a variety of flavors. For example, if every flavor you choose has coconut in it then your guests who don’t like coconut won’t have any option for them.
  5. Custard! – Although we have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry custard Zeppe’s highly recommends having only vanilla custard at your wedding. Having all vanilla keeps things simple, allows us to serve guests quickly, and it pairs well with every Italian ice flavor.